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Only those Presentations with author permission have been posted as at 31/07/2015

IGNSS 2015 PowerPoint Presentations Minimize
Mallett, IanTHE TRANSITION TO SATELLITE BASED CNSSession 08B, Paper 772.17 MBDownload
MacLeod, RodAdvances in NovAtel's Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Solution for High Accuracy Kinematic ApplicationsSession 13B, Paper 561.84 MBDownload
MacLeod, RodA GNSS receiver manufacturer’s persectiveSession 08B, Paper 761.25 MBDownload
Mitome, TakahiroIntroduction of the Activities of Compatibility Sub Group of Working Group A in International Committee on GNSS (ICG)Session 07B253.70 KBDownload
Retscher, GuentherA Novel Approach for Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Using Logical Sequences of Intelligent Checkpoints (iCPs)Session 13D, Paper 03961.99 KBDownload
Nix, MartinConstruction and Spatial ApplicationsSession 09B, Paper 802.08 MBDownload
Neale, Tim High accuracy positioning in Agricultural IndustriesSession 08B, Paper 75995.83 KBDownload
Liu, WenjiaoPositioning Performance Evaluation of Regional Ionospheric Corrections with Single Frequency GPS ReceiversSession 10C, Paper 221.46 MBDownload
Johnston, GaryNational Positioning Infrastructure Background & Current ProgressSession 08B, Paper 731.62 MBDownload
Janssen, VolkerCORSnet-NSW: State Infrastructure for GNSS Applications and Applied ResearchSession 12B, Paper 073.54 MBDownload
Idris, IzwanReal-Time Position Tracking via Internet Communication Protocols in LBSSession 12D, Paper 184.72 MBDownload
Koo, MoonSukAn Effective Use of Radio Altimeter to GPS/DME Integration SystemSession 09C, Paper 601.02 MBDownload
Li, ShenghongA Framework for Efficient Cooperative Localization with Non-Gaussian Ranging Error DistributionsSession 12D, Paper 251.31 MBDownload
Lemon, NickGNSS for Maritime OperationsSession 09B, Paper 722.31 MBDownload
Wang, YongchaoKinematic GPS orbit determination with a global network of hundreds of stationsSession 12C, Paper 455.22 MBDownload
Wang, LeiEffect of decorrelation on success rate bounds of ambiguity estimationSession 12C, Paper 371.20 MBDownload
Wang, CharlesProcessing Strategies and Performances Analysis for Beidou Precise Orbit Determination based on GAMITSession 11C, Paper 28933.27 KBDownload
Williams, PauleLoran Initial Operational Capability in the United KingdomSession 06B, Paper 674.61 MBDownload
Zheng, FuContributions of multi-GNSS constellations to Precise Point Positioning (PPP) with raw measurements modelSession 09C, Paper 841.29 MBDownload
Zhang, LianRange Error Analysis of TDOA Based UWB-IR Indoor Positioning System Session 13D, Paper 341.70 MBDownload
Yuan, YubinReal-time High Accuracy Retrievals of Precipitable Water Vapour from GNSS Precise Point PositioningSession 10C, Paper 232.27 MBDownload
Tran, VinhAn efficient secondary code transition cancellation correlator for fast multi-GNSS acquisitionSession 09C, Paper 273.72 MBDownload
Rizos, ChrisTest Report of L1-SAIF ExperimentSession 05C, Paper 42968.68 KBDownload
Riddell, AnnaGeoscience Australia’s GNSS Antenna Calibration Facility: Initial ResultsSession 05C, Paper 111.30 MBDownload
Retscher, GuentherAn Appeal to Discuss Ethical Issues in Context with Cooperative User LocalizationSession 12D, Paper 04345.67 KBDownload
Rizos, ChrisReal-Time IGS in Support of Tsunami Early WarningSession 12B, Paper 024.37 MBDownload
Tran, VinhProgrammable custom multi-core architectures for multi-constellation GNSS receiverSession 09C, Paper532.08 MBDownload
Scott, JackThales Alenia SpaceSession 5B907.34 KBDownload
Rizos, ChrisPrecise Point Positioning from Combined GPS, GLONASS & BeiDouSession 13B, Paper 43912.77 KBDownload
Dawson, JohnNational Positioning Infrastructure Infrastructure Management & OperationsSession 10B2.27 MBDownload
Comby, DavidEGNSS New applications and services A priority of the French authoritiesSession 03B752.67 KBDownload
Choy, SuelynnPNT Research High Precision GNSS PositioningSession 09B, Paper791.35 MBDownload
Demicheli, LaureDetecting the Presence of Spoofers using Multipath Detection TechniquesSession 08C, Paper 612.72 MBDownload
Duff, ElliotGuardian - Industrial Internet TestbedSession 06B2.14 MBDownload
Deo, ManojCycle Slip and Clock Jump Repair with Multi-Frequency Multi-Constellation GNSS data for Precise Point PositioningSession 13B, Paper 313.53 MBDownload
Dempster, AndrewVector Distance Measure Comparison in Indoor Location FingerprintingSession 13D, Paper 091.12 MBDownload
Choi, Yun SubA Real-time Cycle-slip Detection Method for CDGPSSession 12C, Paper 41973.18 KBDownload
Blick, GraemeNew Zealand National Positioing InfrastructureSession 09B, Paper 783.13 MBDownload
Ballingall, StuartEnabling Connected and Automated VehiclSession 08B, Paper 741.13 MBDownload
Auerbach, JeffreyICG and InteroperabilitySession 07B207.32 KBDownload
Bollard, EvanAdaptive Observation-Error Modelling in a Multi-Constellation RTK EngineSession 12C, Paper 194.67 MBDownload
Cheong, Joon WaynModelling and Mitigating Multipath and NLOS for Cooperative Positioning in Urban CanyonsSession 12D, Paper 262.27 MBDownload
Cheng, ShuyangEnhancing precise point positioning with external ionosphere constraintsSession 13B, Paper 161.16 MBDownload
Brown, NicholasMetadata Standard for Global GeodesySession 12D, 1.10 MBDownload
Harima, KenUtilisation of the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) Augmentation System for Precision Farming in AustraliaSession 04C, Paper 511.48 MBDownload
Harima, KenMulti-Constellation GNSS Precise Point Positioning using GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou in AustraliaSession 11C, Paper 52523.30 KBDownload
Harima, KenQuasi-Zenith Satellite Augmentation System for High Precision Positioning in AustraliaSession 04C, Paper501.16 MBDownload
Hayes, DominicThe Galileo and EGNOS ProgrammesSession 02B, Paper 662.46 MBDownload
Humphreys, ToddLow-Cost Centimeter-Accurate Mobile PositioningSession 13C, Paper 715.61 MBDownload
Horn, RainerGNSS.Asia - Industrial Cooperation across ContinentsSession 03B3.83 MBDownload
Higgins, MattUS Position Navigation and Timing Advisory BoardSession 09B, Paper 812.40 MBDownload
Hardman, MarkNew developments in real-time precise wide area positioningSession 13B, Paper 142.35 MBDownload
Gakstatter, EricThe Value of Public SBAS (WAAS): A North American PerspectiveSession 11B2.12 MBDownload
Feng, YanmingA geometry-free approach to reliable GNSS triple carrier ambiguity resolution over hundreds of kilometersSession 12C, Paper 44830.29 KBDownload
Feng, JianguangUpdates on BeiDou Navigation Satellite SystemSession 02B2.82 MBDownload
Glennon, EamonnResults from Kea V4.1 Performance TestingSession 05C, Paper 391.28 MBDownload
Harcombe, PaulJurisdictional Updates on Positioning Infrastructure & Services across AustraliaSession 08B, 1.85 MBDownload
Guo, FeiEvaluation on the Multi-GNSS Precise Orbit and Clock ProductsSession 11C, Paper 081.51 MBDownload
Glennon, EamonnNetwork Joint Clock Synchronization and Ranging: Linear Bayesian SolutionSession 08C, Paper 641.31 MBDownload