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Koo, M:, Lee, S:, So, H:, Oh, S:, Hwang, D-H:, Lee, SPaper 60An Effective Use of Radio Altimeter to GPS/DME Integration System626.11 KBDownload
Kim, D:, Jeong, S:, Lee, K:, Kang, KPaper 36Performance Analysis of AOA-based Localization with Software Defined Radio726.20 KBDownload
Retscher, G:, Hofer, HPaper 03A Novel Approach for Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Using Logical Sequences of Intelligent Checkpoints583.66 KBDownload
Zhang, L:, Luo, Y:, Law, CPaper 34Range Error Analysis of TDOA Based UWB-­IR Indoor Positioning System887.50 KBDownload
Retscher, G:, Obex, FPaper 04An Appeal to Discuss Ethical Issues in Context with Cooperative User Localization151.74 KBDownload
Choudhury, M:, Li, Y:, Rizos, CPaper 42Test report of L1-SAIF experiment773.77 KBDownload
Choi, Y-S:, Lee, S-Y:, Cho, S-L:, Heo, M-B:, Park, C:, Lee, S-JPaper 41A Real-time Cycle-slip Detection Method for CDGPS117.72 KBDownload
Gu, X:, Chang, Q:, Glennon, E:, Dempster, APaper 64Network Joint Clock Synchronization and Ranging: Linear Bayesian Solution477.13 KBDownload
Idris, I:, Wang, C:, Feng, YPaper 18Real-time position tracking via Internet communication protocols in LBS.925.46 KBDownload
Hwang, J-G:, Lee, K:, Park, J-GPaper 38Enhanced Indoor Positioning Method Using RSSI Log Model Based on IEEE 802.11s Mesh Network466.27 KBDownload

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