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Abello, Dempster & Milford (P57)Phase Centre Location Determination for Locatalite Antenna in the LocataNet System91.37 KBDownload
Abello, Dempster & Politi (P58)ISM Band Interference and Locatalite97.03 KBDownload
Burbidge (P108)Development of the Navigation Payload for the Galileo In-Orbit Validation (IOV) Phase1.25 MBDownload
Cole, Wang, Dempster & Rizos (P66)VirtuaLite, a new method for GPS INS Integration for the Agricultural Environment545.04 KBDownload
Cranenbroeck & Ashcroft (P3)Leica Geosystems Single to Multi Frequency GNSS Signal Processing Solutions for Engineering Infrastructures Monitoring Applications1.04 MBDownload
Dedes (P38)Precision Positioning Technologies and Trends at Topcon937.90 KBDownload
Denham, Asmussen, Millner & Radnetter (P14)Networked Real-Time Kinematic Corrections for High Accuracy Machine Guidance - Dynamic Accuracy Trials4.11 MBDownload
Entriken & Rizos (P118)Application of Mobile Mapping Technology within a Roads and Traffic Authority2.14 MBDownload
Grejner-Brzezinska, Toth & Moafipoor (P47)Adaptive knowledge based system based on artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic for pedestrian navigation295.87 KBDownload
Hatch, Knight & Dai (P45)Recent GNSS Developments at NavCom Technology330.98 KBDownload
Higgins (P139)Delivering Precise Positioning Services In Regional Areas331.65 KBDownload
Iredale (P76)Precise Surveying with L1 RTK544.75 KBDownload
Jeong, Kim, Hwang & Lee (P113)A Fast GPS Signal Acquisition Method for High Speed Vehicles Using INS velocity and Multiple Correlators444.09 KBDownload
Kennedy, Cosandier & Hamilton (P37)GPS/INS Integration in Real-time and Postprocessing with NovAtel’s SPAN System2.44 MBDownload
Kim, Shim & Lee (P135)Designing a GPS Receiver Network with GNSS Algorithm for Accuracy and Safety1.61 MBDownload
Li, Kealy, Duffield & Hutchinson (P137)Evaluating the Performance of Low-Cost Inertial Sensors for use in Integrated Positioning Systems529.61 KBDownload
Li, Landry & Lavoie (P10)Validation and Performance Evaluation of Two Different Inertial Navigation System Design Approaches532.28 KBDownload
Liu, Fan, Asano, Kishimoto, Hojo & Yasuda (P31)Performance Evaluation of Acquisition Scheme Based on Timing-synchronized Network for AGPS High-sensitivity Receiver154.70 KBDownload
Matsakis (P148)Time and Frequency Activities at the U.S. Naval Observatory for GNSS525.35 KBDownload
Mills (P59)‘Point and Click’ Target Location from Georeferenced Video Streams291.10 KBDownload
Moafipoor, Grejner-Brzezinska & Toth (P119)Adaptive Calibration of a Magnetometer Compass for a Personal Navigation System138.81 KBDownload
Mubarak & Dempster (P64)Carrier phase analysis to mitigate multipath effect545.51 KBDownload
Mumford & Heo (P1)“Namuru-GPL”, open source software for the Namuru FPGA-based GNSS receiver899.57 KBDownload
Odijk & Kleijer (P109)Performance of High-Sensitivity GPS for Personal Navigation at Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands2.50 MBDownload
Parkinson (P87)A real time multi-channel GPS positioning system architecture147.97 KBDownload
Peng, Ge & Rizos (P102)The navigation at parking stations and parking spaces301.72 KBDownload
Quader, Li, Peng & Dempster (P83)Use of Fingerprinting in Wi-Fi Based Outdoor Positioning562.00 KBDownload
Rizos (P167)The International GNSS Service: In the Service of Geoscience and the Geospatial Industry1.29 MBDownload
Roberts, Hancock, Ogundipe, Meng, Taha & Montillet (P140)Positioning Buried Utilities using an integrated GNSS approach2.26 MBDownload
Roberts, Montillet, de ligt, Hancock, Ogundipe & Meng (P141)The Nottingham Locatalite Network1.40 MBDownload
Schmid (P114)Multipath Fading Mitigation409.36 KBDownload
Schmid (P115)Single Shot Positioning338.70 KBDownload
Schmid (P116)Semiconductor Implementation of Differential Correlation and Noncoherent Integration349.02 KBDownload
TAKEICHI, SAKAI, FUKUSHIMA & ITO (P138)Tropospheric Delay Correction in L1-SAIF Augmentation650.43 KBDownload
Tambuwala, Jamaluddin, Politi & Dempster (P160)Effect of different construction materials on the propagation of Locata’s 2.4 GHz signal1.05 MBDownload
Theo, Mazaheri, Balaei & Dempster (P71)The Application of a Multicorrelator Receiver in Bistatic Radar236.97 KBDownload
Walter, Blanche & Enge (P50)L5 Satellite Based Augmentation Systems Protection Level Equations1.90 MBDownload
Wong, Zhang, Wu, Sang & Nie (P89) A Preliminary Investigation of Space Junk Positioning and Tracking Techniques317.59 KBDownload
Yan (P85)Test results from the next generation of NTRIP58.76 KBDownload
Yan, Mumford, Dempster, Rizos, Fernando & Hoang (P147)An open source A-GNSS reference server243.22 KBDownload
Yuan, Ding, Chen, Kwok & Chan (P25)Statistic analysis of daily position time series from the Hong Kong local dense GPS network531.93 KBDownload
Yule, Neale & Tullberg (P159)GNSS Applications in Cropping Agriculture using Controlled Traffic Farming.59.91 KBDownload
Zhang, Fu, Zhou, Demathieu & Wu (P104)Internet Resources and a Web-based Learning Environment for the Enhancement of Satellite Positioning Teaching and Learning430.64 KBDownload
Zhendgi (P52)Unequally Displaced Correlator in Tracking-loop for Multipath Mitigation348.00 KBDownload
Zhong, Ding, Yuan & Chen (P24)Sidereal Filtering Based on GPS Single Differences for Mitigating Multipath Effects551.06 KBDownload
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